Complete Career Report


College Perfect Match

Rosenow Design Co. was a strong communicator throughout the entire process. They set clear expectations and the team usually delivered early.
— John Hall, CEO Innate Guidance Systems


We worked with John Hall and Simon Armour in Portland to create a character animation that tells the story of a college-bound kid who can make confident career and college major choices with the help of Complete Career Report, the newest tool from Innate Careers, a company that helps people discover what they're wired for in all areas of life.

Client: Innate Careers
Directed by Rosenow Design Co.
Creative Director: Allan Rosenow, Simon Armour
Art Director: Allan Rosenow, Simon Armour
Producer: Nicole Rosenow
Script: Simon Armour
Storyboards: Allan Rosenow
Illustration: Able Creative
Animation: Allan Rosenow
Sound Design: Colton Williams
Music: Rosenow Design Co.
Voice Artist: Maria Pendolino