2017 GOLD Communicator Award of Excellence for Video - Animation
2017 GOLD Communicator Award of Excellence for Craft - Use of Animation

We worked with LEAPframe in Cincinnati on a video series for CareSource, a healthcare provider with heart. Healthcare is complicated. The CareSource videos are used to help people sign up for the right plan and easily manage their healthcare. We led discovery, wrote the scripts and designed the characters for the full series, and animated this one titled MyCareSource. You can see the other videos here.

Client: CareSource
Agency: LEAPframe
Producer: Sara Hine
Script: Nicole Rosenow
Creative Direction: LEAPframe, Nicole Rosenow
Art Direction: LEAPframe
Design & Illustration: LEAPframe, Allan Rosenow
Animation: Allan Rosenow
Music: LEAPframe
Sound Design: LEAPframe
Voice Artist: Oni Woods